What is the KonMari Method?

Created by Marie Kondo out of her lifelong work and passion for organizing, the KonMari Method is a simple and practical approach to resolve clutter with a category by category system.  Asking "Does it spark joy?" is the determining factor for deciding what to keep and what to let go.

We guide you through your tidying journey with our signature step-by-step process that includes seven phases for each of the five categories:


Prep Phase.


Sort Phase.  


Post-Tidy Phase.


Homework Phase.


Discard Phase.


Assessment Phase.


Maintenance Phase.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Certified KonMari Consultant?

KonMari Consultants are officially certified to help you tidy your home using the KonMari Method™ and has completed a six-step process including attending a three-day training seminar. In addition, a consultant has read Marie Kondo's books, organized their own home using the KonMari methodology, conducted and reported on practice tidying lessons with clients, and has passed a rigorous examination. Tidy Up With Sue has achieved the Silver Certification Level.

What exactly do you do?

My approach is guided by the KonMari Method™ – a holistic, sustainable, decluttering and organizing approach that is designed to prevent you from going back to your old habits. When you are only surrounded by items you love, your life will be changed. I support you in getting your living space in order once and for all. Think of me as your PERSONAL COACH who guides you through the process of decluttering and organizing your home. I provide support, assistance, and encouragement throughout your tidying journey. If you’re struggling with letting go of certain items, I provide emotional support. I help you think about your possessions in a new way and envision your ideal living space. I show you how to use your space more efficiently, recommend suitable storage solutions and much more. My goal is to equip you to live a life free of clutter so you can spend time on the things you truly care about.

What is the length of each session?

Lessons are approximately 4 hours in length.

How much time can I expect between each lesson?

The time between lessons helps you make progress on your own. The amount of time you choose will depend on your total number of lessons and how quickly you complete your assignments. In order to keep the momentum going, I suggest no more than 4 weeks between lessons, and that your total completion time does not exceed 6 months.

How many hours does it take to complete the tidying process?

This depends on several factors. Your clothes can usually be tidied in one lesson, which lasts approximately 4 hours, and you may be left with some homework to complete on your own. The amount of time for an entire home varies greatly and it's difficult to estimate the total hours to complete the process. Some factors include the number of items in your home, the time it takes to hone in on items that spark joy, how motivated you are, and the amount of "homework" you are able to complete in between lessons. The more effort you put into your homework assignments, the fewer lessons you will need to complete your tidying journey. For a single family home, an average range is 20 to 50 hours or more.

What is your service area?

I am based in Renton, Washington. My service area for in-home tidying lessons includes locations that are within King County, Washington. Additional travel time incurs a travel fee and comes out of your plan hours.

How do I pay for your services?

You may pay by check, cash, or credit card.

I read Marie Kondo's book and I have already finished my clothing. May we start our lesson tidying the next category of books?

Yes. But first I will ask you to share your journey through the completed category with me. This should not take much time. It is important for me to become familiar with your decision-making process and your "joy" checks before moving onto the more difficult categories. It has been my experience that revisiting a category often leads to further editing of a client's belongings.

Will you work with me on a single room in my home?

No. I follow the core tidying principles of the KonMari Method. One of these principles is organizing by category, rather than by location.

What is your cancellation policy?

For sessions canceled with less than 48 hours’ notice, the client will be charged for ½ of the scheduled lesson, either in currency or by a reduction of hours from a bundle. Cancellations may be made by text, email or voicemail and I will confirm as soon as I get your message.

Do your services include in-home workshops?

Yes. It's fun to talk tidy with a group of friends. An in-home workshop includes a hands-on exercise of visualizing your ideal lifestyle, learning the core principles of the KonMari Method, and time for questions.



“After downsizing my living space but not my wardrobe, I needed help! Sue asks the right questions, gives great advice, and is very patient and understanding. My closet is so organized and spacious now. I loved working with Sue and highly recommend her.”

Karen Y., Puyallup, WA


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